Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays Provide Accurate Images with Very Low Exposure

Digital X-Rays and Dentistry

X-Rays are a crucial part of diagnosing and treatment planning dental care, yet they can also be a source of anxiety for patients. For that reason, we’d like to go over a few key points about dental x-rays to help alleviate your concerns:

  1. We only take dental x-rays when necessary. Usually this means that we will take a full set of x-rays at your first appointment, and every 3-5 years thereafter as recommended by the ADA (American Dental Association).
  2. We do not “automatically” take x-rays at every checkup appointment, and the frequency and number of x-rays we take are dependent upon the needs of the patient. For example, for a patient with a very low caries index (a low rate of cavities), we might only take a few x-rays per year. Whereas in a patient with a history of cavities, we may take more frequent films to make sure that small incipient lesions (small “pre-cavities” in-between teeth) aren’t progressing into full-blown cavities.
  3. The amount of radiation used in modern dental x-rays is extremely low, and because we use digital x-rays, our patients’ exposure is even less (studies show that digital x-rays reduce radiation exposure by approximately 50%).*
  4. Speed. Traditional wet films can take 3-6 minutes to process and develop depending upon the type of machine used. Digital x-rays, in comparison, are developed almost instantly, which means that we get results faster, and our patients have to spend less time in the dental chair.

*Anissi HD, Geibel MA. Intraoral Radiology in General Dental Practices – A Comparison of Digital and Film-Based X-Ray Systems with Regard to Radiation Protection and Dose Reduction. Fortschr Röntgenstr 2014; 186: 762-767.

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Digital X-Rays

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I went in and was immediately put at ease. They were willing to stay late to make sure my exam was through and a tentative plan was put into place. When I returned the following day to see the hygienist, a definitive plan was put into place and the doctor and staff made sure I understood each step and what was needed.


I don't really like to go to the Dentist but the staff and the Dr are awesome!! Very kind, happy and professional!! The Dr is very gentle and communicative; as he tells you what he is going to do in detail and is a warm, caring person.


Folks, if you're looking for a new dental practice...look NO further! My 1st phone call to schedule a consultation was met with a kind and caring person who seemed genuinely concerned with the problems and pain I was experiencing. Though her schedule was full, she managed to fit me in to see the dentist.