Bleaching and Whitening

Bleaching and Whitening

Bleaching and Whitening

Safe and Predictable Tooth Whitening

One of the easiest and fastest ways you can improve your smile is with tooth whitening. Also known as tooth bleaching, whitening is the process by which we apply a whitening agent to your teeth which works to make the teeth brighter.

How White Will My Teeth Be?

People often want to know just “how white” their teeth can be from whitening, and the answer is that it depends upon how dark the teeth were to start with. For example, with the same whitening procedure, a patient starting with lighter teeth may get better results than a patient starting with very dark teeth. Thus, it’s important to have a professional cleaning before any whitening in order to remove staining on the teeth (such as from coffee or tea) as these stains can reduce the effectiveness of the whitening.

Are There Risks of Whitening?

The main risk of tooth whitening is increased sensitivity. Because of the way that the bleaching materials work, many patients experience a temporary increase in tooth sensitivity (to cold, hot, sweets, etc.) after the procedure. Fortunately, this sensitivity does decrease with time, but it’s an important consideration, as whitening might not be the best treatment option for patients who have very sensitive teeth. For patients who are very sensitive, veneers or ceramic crowns may be a better option.

When Should I Whiten My Teeth?

You can whiten your teeth at any time; however, if you are planning to have any other cosmetic dentistry performed, it’s a good idea to whiten your teeth prior to this treatment. The reason is that dental restorations do not bleach, so it’s important to have the teeth bleached first, and then we can match the new crowns or veneers, etc. to the whitened tooth shade. If you bleach after having new restorations placed, the new restorations will not whiten with the teeth.

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Bleaching and Whitening

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I went in and was immediately put at ease. They were willing to stay late to make sure my exam was through and a tentative plan was put into place. When I returned the following day to see the hygienist, a definitive plan was put into place and the doctor and staff made sure I understood each step and what was needed.


I don't really like to go to the Dentist but the staff and the Dr are awesome!! Very kind, happy and professional!! The Dr is very gentle and communicative; as he tells you what he is going to do in detail and is a warm, caring person.


Folks, if you're looking for a new dental practice...look NO further! My 1st phone call to schedule a consultation was met with a kind and caring person who seemed genuinely concerned with the problems and pain I was experiencing. Though her schedule was full, she managed to fit me in to see the dentist.