Is Invisalign a Popular Option for Teeth Straightening?

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Metal braces have long been the expected option for correcting misaligned teeth, but the introduction of Invisalign® treatments has many dental patients rethinking the choice. There are many reasons to choose a clear aligner system over metal wires and brackets to achieve a uniform smile and straighter teeth, but the decision is ultimately up to the individual and the dental professional.

4 reasons to consider an alternative orthodontic aligner

Choosing a treatment plan for crooked or uneven teeth is generally done with the insight of a dental provider, but each patient selects a plan that works with a budget, timeline, and personal comfort level. Whether it is the aesthetic appearance of traditional braces or the anticipation of discomfort, clear aligners trays are becoming more popular than conventional metal brackets and wires with many patients.

1. Customized fit

Straightening the teeth can be a lengthy process, and at times, an uncomfortable transition. With Invisalign® trays, the teeth shift into position gradually, easing some of the discomfort associated with orthodontics. The trays are form-fitting and customized to the individual, slowly altering the position of the tooth over time. This customized fit can produce faster results than traditional braces, though the results depend on the teeth and the end goal of the treatment.

2. Easy to look at

The look of metal brackets and wires can be embarrassing for many patients, particularly for many adults. Using clear trays provides a nearly invisible solution for moving and aligning teeth. Unless a person is standing close, the use of the trays is nearly imperceptible while talking or speaking. There is minimal embarrassment when wearing clear aligners.

3. Effective treatment

Clear aligners are also popular because they are considered as effective as traditional braces for many alignment issues. Gaps between the teeth, an underbite or overbite, and crooked teeth can all be addressed through these aligners. Multiple versions of the trays may be fitted to an individual’s mouth over the course of the treatment, creating the desired effect with optimal functionality the whole time. As the teeth move, the trays are adjusted to take into account the changes and encourage continued shaping and shifting of the smile.

4. Convenient diet

Traditional braces come with tough dietary restrictions to follow, often discouraging patients during the course of the treatment or causing inconveniences and discomfort. The delicate nature of the wires and brackets requires orthodontics patients to avoid hard or sticky candies, nuts, popcorn, and hard or crunchy foods. Certain foods need to be chopped or cut into small, bite-sized pieces to prevent damage to the wires or brackets. However, those who wear clear aligner trays are able to remove the trays while eating, effectively removing any limitations on the diet.


The Invisalign® system has several clear benefits over conventional braces that contribute to its rising popularity as a treatment plan. However, the ability to choose this option depends on the patient’s dental needs. Consult with a provider to determine what solutions can address your crooked or misaligned teeth.

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